Our aspiration is to attain excellence in our field, while maintaining a streamlined and adaptable business model. This approach enables us to deliver prompt results for our clients, and grants us the flexibility to challenge conventional consulting and resourcing approaches. By embracing this philosophy, we aim to assist our clients in achieving innovation and delivering results at a fraction of the cost of larger consulting firms.

Less consulting speak, more ‘can do’

Access to the ‘best in the business’

We provide access to a highly-skilled team of data and technology experts to function as an extension of your organization. We offer expertise in crafting execution strategies, development of project roadmaps, and supporting mission-critical or time-sensitive business-as-usual initiatives.

Trusted advice

As a vendor-neutral organization, we assure you that the advice we provide is impartial and not influenced by any particular product or solution. Our methodology is to maximize the utilization of existing technology investments prior to evaluating new technology procurement options.

Automation and AI

Our commitment is to create sustainable assets through the development of reusable accelerators and automations. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with the ultimate goal of facilitating faster, more intelligent and cost-efficient business outcomes for our clients.

Global expertise

Our innovative collaboration model allows us to transcend geographical limitations, providing access to specialized expertise and cost-effective solutions for scaling data and insights capabilities, regardless of location.

You already own all the Data you need, we just connect the dots for you!

In the dynamic, highly-competitive, and digitally-oriented landscape that we operate in, leveraging the data that businesses already possess can reveal valuable insights and opportunities. However, many organizations struggle to fully realize the potential of their data and insights due to a lack of clear execution strategies, skills shortages, and competing priorities with day-to-day operations.
At Datapoints, we adopt an innovative collaboration approach to support our clients in creating actionable strategies and roadmaps, providing on-demand access to a highly-specialized team, and enabling the accelerated implementation of data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning initiatives. We assist our clients in connecting the dots, bringing ideas to fruition, and fostering capabilities that allow organizations to seamlessly integrate data-driven insights into their operations without sacrificing core business objectives.

We can help in three ways:

1. Create A Data Roadmap & Strategy

Our team of highly-skilled data analytics experts and architects are available to collaborate with you in creating a roadmap that aligns with your business strategy. Whether you have a broad business vision that you wish to translate into a concrete plan, or require assistance in developing a specific solution to achieve your goals, we have the expertise to provide the necessary level of detail and granularity.

2. Build State of the Art Solutions

We specialize in utilizing data mining, engineering, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and other advanced techniques to expedite the development and cost-effectively build your business systems. Our comprehensive services span the entire data lifecycle, from sourcing, to housing, to extracting deep and meaningful insights. Additionally, we assist organizations in constructing smart solutions and tools that provide a competitive advantage through the smart use of technology.

3. Look after Data Assets

After implementing a new system, ongoing maintenance and support is necessary. We offer a range of support options, including project-specific or business-as-usual support. Our range of delivery models include project-specific capability, full managed services, and offshore delivery centres. We understand that each client has unique requirements, and we strive to match our clients with the model that best suits their needs, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach.