Value optimisation from Industrial IOT and Machine Data

The problem

A large manufacturing Telecom organisation collects huge amount of data from its machines, IT systems and connected devices, but only 1% of that data is currently analysed and used for predictive maintenance, asset monitoring or proactive risk mitigation. The organisation realises the potential value of the use of machine data to make business decisions but are constrained by two factors 1) Lack of Skills and Analytics expertise to mine the data 2) Lack of appetite from users to use machine data insights instead they prefer to consult other people for advise or look back on their own experience.

The Solution

We collaborated with this organisation to address these two problems by deploying a highly skilled machine data specialist and Industrial IOT experts to help the organisation easily extract machine data by using industry leading tools, help to build neural network models to identify clusters, patterns and trends to create valuable insights.

The Result

By demonstrating value from the insights and making measurable difference to key performance metrics such as First Time Right, Machine Downtime and Turnaround time we were able generate high degree of confidence on users who were previously not using machine data to make decisions.
We also created a roadmap for the organisation on how to mature their industrial IOT capability maturity in a controlled and prudent way without investing too much upfront in setting up expensive IT infrastructure or creating a team of expensive data scientists.