Building Capability

The challenge

A reputed Financial Services organisation was severely constrained by lack of internal skills, understanding of technology and best practices around credit risk modellingData Quality Assessment and remediation. Consequently, they are were forced to constantly rely on expensive contractors/consultants to augment the skills required to build/manage the models as required by financial regulators.

The Solution

A collaboration with Datapoints with a view to invest in ‘building capability’ rather than fixing issues led to a significant transformation improvement of the IT function. Within a very short period of time it turned around being a team that is always playing catch up to being at the forefront of automation and doing things smartly. The partnership with Datapoints made this organisation highly efficient around how they manage skills and helped them to make innovation a continuous process without disrupting the BAU or having to spend fortune on doing long term projects.

The Result

In an agile process within a very short period of time Datapoints helped this organisation to achieve the following outcomes,

  • Perform an initial stock take of the critical models to identify legacy models vs models that are useful. data elements and assess its quality using an industry leading tool.
  • Set up a continuous best in class modelling data quality infrastructure assessment and remediation routines.
  • Set up the model managementDQ Assessment framework and governance of critical data.
  • Set up automation around model data validation management and reporting process and drive upstream business process changes
  • Map out the new technology landscape and create a roadmap for the integration between the legacy technologies (such as RDBMS, SAS) and newer technologies (such as Hadoop, R, Python etc.)
  • Assist with the Model Migration and Model replacement

The success of this engagement and the high calibre of our experts led to the organisation retaining our services to perform similar capability build in other back office areas of the IT function.s.