Launchpad –
do big things

Working in partnership with Datapoints, develop a go-to-market strategy that will take your emerging business from a local start-up to a global success, with minimum risk and operating cost.


If you’re an innovative company with a brilliant product (or service) that you want to take to the world, then Launchpad can help you get there. At Datapoints, we are full of smart ideas and deeply passionate about innovations, and we love to work with companies who are the same.

When you form a partnership with Datapoints, we create you an effective platform to grow beyond your geographical boundaries and realise the full potential of your remarkable ideas. We’ll help you create a “go to market” strategy that both suits your business model and places you on a growth trajectory where you will benefit from a world of opportunities.

Your organisation will face many challenges when taking a new product to market, such as limited capital, global competition, and setting up in unfamiliar or distant markets. However, those markets are usually where the biggest opportunities lie, and Datapoints wants to help you take advantage of this to become a global organisation. Our innovative approach, combined with years of collective experience and ability to spot technologies that will set you apart from your competitors, mean that Datapoints can set you on the path to worldwide success.

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