Cargo Insights as a Service

Datapoints is working on a solution (among others) which is going to distribute cargo insights to airlines around the world through a SAAS and PAAS model. There is already strong interest for such services from 2-3 large airlines in the region.

Build Data Engineering Capability

We helped a New Zealand Bank and a start up to build their Data Engineering capability. We engaged highly expert Data Engineers to help build their initial capability and mobilize the ‘Tiger Team’ as they were embarking on their big data journey.

Analytics as a Service

We helped a New Zealand bank to build their Branch Optimisation tool under a hybrid managed services model whereby we brought in global experts on shore to work with the bank’s internal team to develop the model framework, source data etc.

The development, testing and refinement of the model was done out of our offshore delivery center in India.

The success of this deployment has opened up conversations for other areas of the bank which are struggling to find skills and expertise in the country.