Current State Review and Optimization

Large Insurance client engaged us to conduct a review of their sales and performance reporting process to identify opportunities for automation, data quality improvements and enhancements of large number of legacy reports.

Role we played

  • We conducted a rapid review of the highly complex sales performance reporting process to create visibility of the end to end process and touchpoints.
  • Identified 50+ data sources, 42 data flows and traced 80 + steps involving 38 databases across the organisation.
  • Identified Number of automation opportunities to reduce complexity and reliance on legacy systems & EUC’s.
  • Developed rapid prototype to replace the highly non responsive reports with intuitive and interactive dashboards.

Value Delivered

Made optimization recommendations which translated into close to 100 man days of effort save from the performance reporting process.
Designed a high level target solution and the transitional architecture for a modern analytical platform.

Identification of Critical Data Element

One of the global banks wanted to identify the highest value Critical Data Elements (CDE) across their Risk data infrastructure, reporting and analytical applications so that they can implement a targeted plan to improve the quality of the Critical Data instead of spending time and money on long data quality projects with limited benefit.

Role we played:

  • Developed a smart algorithms to identify Critical Data Elements across all Risk Data assets
  • Automated the identification script to make it repeatable so that the identification process becomes continuous and seamless.
  • Saved 6-8 weeks of Analysis time from each cycle of identification process translating into significant effort and dollar save across the entire Risk function.
  • As a by product identified range of data issue which enabled the client to put in a highly targeted remediation plan with well defined outcome.