POC and Prototype Design

We have been involved in number of  projects across Financial Services Industry, Transport and Logistics and Manufacturing industry to develop Proof of Concept and build working prototypes by giving shape to innovative ideas. Our clients used our capability as an ‘on demand’ innovation hub to accelerate ideas that often got de-prioratized as a result of BAU workload or other project demands. Datapoints provided a highly expert team and capability to create a parallel lane for organization to fast track their innovation with minimal upfront investments.

Some of the prototypes we have built are,

  • Highly intuitive and interactive dashboards to optimise sales performance reporting
  • Real time Customer Targeting for reducing Churns
  • Tracking of Cargo movement and location intelligence using GPS and sensor data
  • Develop intelligence and alerts from machine logs and IOT sensors for preventative maintenance and extend asset utilization lifecycle.

AI-Driven Self-Service

Developed proof of concept to demonstrate the power of AI driven self service and how it can change the game for organisations.

Value Delivered

  • Working prototype delivered within days
  • Proved the concept around NLQ
  • Built the case for cost effective scaling of self service analytics
  • Develop use case library