Industrial IOT

We help organisations to help build Smart Industrial IOT solutions to create efficiency and minimize cost.

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Airlines & Logistics Industry

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Artificial Intelligence

We leverage cloud computing power to combat the volume and velocity of the incoming flood of information that are difficult to process in a traditional data warehouse environment. We apply Machine Learning to contextualize information from high volumes of data, generate insights and finally automate decision process to eliminate human interventions. By using artificial intelligence, we help to answer critical business questions and solve real life business challenges.


System Logs

By bringing Machine Learning to log analysis, the systems become smart by becoming proactive. The algorithms applied to the system-logs detect anomalies and identify root-causes for improved infrastructure management.

Sensor Feeds

Stay one step ahead of unwarranted machine failures by using Machine Learning to predict and strategically plan maintenance needs. Improve the useful lives of machines using deep learning algorithms.

Computer Vision

Prevent accidents and improve overall safety for workers by using advanced computer vision techniques. Improve the quality of condition monitoring by replacing visual inspection with advanced defect detection algorithms for image and video feeds.

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With our Intelligent application forms we simplify the information capture which translates into a seamless and positive experience for customers


We automate the manual analysis process by applying Artificial Intelligence, which significantly cuts down the processing time for banks and eliminates many of the ‘to and from’ and ‘re-work’.


By applying standardization to messy transactional data we improve the quality of the Credit Assessment to build trust in the approval process and help banks adhere to compliance.

Revolutionize Lending with XLRT


End to end digitization helping banks to modernize the loan approval process from the traditional paper based approach.


Cleansed and standardized Transactional Data improving the quality of the assessment process and helping banks to comply with CCCFA requirements.


Adoption of OCR technology simplifying the data collection and taking the stress out of the application process.


Deeper insights on customers Financial Health and integration with Risk Models enabling better credit decision outcome.


Automation of the manual tasks eliminating avoidable human errors, improving accuracy and reducing re-work.


Enabling significantly faster turn around time for own as well as non bank customers to improve conversion and grow the lending book.

Journey Ahead

We have practically come this far by funding it from our own pocket and help from our supporters. We have been continuously engaging with our potential users and been on a journey to listen to their needs and refining the platform. We are very proud of what we have accomplished so far as a team and would like to continue building on the great ideas we have. We are only just getting started, so watch this space. As a Fintech with a difference (Watch the video to know more) we are looking for partnerships from Institutions, Investors and Government to take Investify to an exciting journey here in New Zealand and beyond. Make a call to us today to partner with us to drive your customer engagement with meaningful insights and financial education or if you are excited about this as we are and be a part of this journey.